Van Storage System

When it comes to storage, there never seems to be enough space for our ever-expanding needs. When starting out on a job or with a company, many employees will start off with the most basic of tools and supplies. As they learn the job the need for van storage systems increases greatly.

Planning your layou It is important that you plan your layout of the storage systems that you use. If you just toss items in the van, you will forget what you have, where you have it and if it breaks you won’t know to replace it. This is why it is vital that you take your time to develop your very own system for your tools, supplies and other items needed for work.

Within your van storage system you will have van drawers. These drawers can be multiple sizes as well as configurations. The drawers that you have for smaller items such as nuts, bolts, wire, nails, screws, etc. can be smaller and arranged more towards the front of your systems.

Larger drawers can be deeper and more spacious allowing for bulkier items such as tools, cords and other miscellaneous items. When working with larger drawers be careful not to overload them with heavy items. If you have drawers that are double stacked or that are on top of each other, try to keep all the heaver items in the bottom drawer. This will put less stress on the unit and prevent it from locking up or jamming.

Marking your drawers with codes and names is a good idea as well. When we start to collect a lot of items and start moving items around, having a clear labelling system will help to keep all of the items organised and easily accessible. If you don’t have a specific item in that drawer, you will know that you need to restock it.

Managing your tools
When working, it is important that you care for your tools and supplies as if they were gold. Many tradies rely on their tools for their livelihood and when they are down then they can’t work. When managing your tools make sure that others don’t borrow them or use them without your permission. Keeping a list or inventory is also a vital piece of the puzzle when working with your drawer contents.

After developing your storage system, you will also want to test it in the field. No one will ever get the setup correctly on the first try, and as your needs change so should the configuration of your van drawers. For those who use their vans for work as well as play, developing different drawer configurations each may be a good idea as well. Removing drawers and replacing them with additional units for work and play may also give new life and purpose to your van. When everything is said and done, having a van is a great tool for everything that you want to do. Having drawers that you use to organise your contents is a great way to utilise space and design. 

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