Super Penthouses -Raising The Bar Of Luxury Living Even Higher

For most people, the globe, owning a luxury penthouse in a posh, has for long been associated with ultimate high–end living. However, this trend is all set to change with the emergence and growing popularity of super penthouses. In fact, people with really deep pockets are showing a greater preference for such properties and turning down any offers to buy the best luxury penthouse for sale at a far lesser price.

A Brief Overview Of Super Penthouses

In order to gain a better understanding of the reasons that make super penthouses so appealing for the richest among rich, it is essential to first learn about these properties themselves. To start with, super penthouses have a floor area spanning at least 10,000 square feet.

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Unlike some of the best penthouse for sale, the super penthouses must cover the entire top floor of a building. In addition, they should provide completely unhindered 360-views and should feature double-height ceilings and should offer a hotel-style concierge service and an overall wow factor. Other amenities that these regal properties may optionally provide include butler service, helipad and a cantilevered swimming pool hanging sky-high off the flat.

What Makes The Super Rich Invest In Super Penthouses

Having learned about what super penthouses are, it is not surprising that these properties are priced way higher than even the most exclusive international penthouse suites. This naturally makes people wonder as to what makes the properties so appealing to make the investors willing to spend big bucks. The reasons for the same are discussed in brief as follows.

• With luxury penthouse properties have become quite common, the super-rich could no longer use these residences to reflect their higher social and financial status. In fact, it is not common for penthouse for sale by owner to be priced so low that they become affordable even for people for whom buying such properties would normally be quite impossible.
• The exclusive design and the branded furnishings and finishing of the super penthouses fill the investors with a sense of superiority. They attain the sense of being truly above and beyond the common people, a feeling which they are no longer able to enjoy by being the owner of regular luxury penthouses.

• Given that there are still only a handful of such properties available for sale across the globe, owning one of them makes the rich investors feel truly powerful. In fact, it is common for such investors to pressurize their real estate agent for penthouses to help them acquire such property at all costs to feel truly influential.

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