Know the Meaning of Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a form of place rental services on the Internet that allows individuals or organizations to display their services or products on web / Internet sites. The place can also be interpreted as a place to store data in the form of megabytes (mb) to terabytes (tb) which has a connection to the internet so that the data can be requested or accessed by users from all places simultaneously. This is what causes a website to be accessed simultaneously at one time by multiple users.

Basically a webhosting server using is a normal computer but uses several basic components and programs of a server and it is recommended to be able to be online 24 hours every day and without having to be shut down for a longer period than a normal computer.

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Anyone who needs Web Hosting:

As explained above, every person or company can rent a place or take advantage of this web hosting service, supported by advances in information technology that is currently available so the use of web hosting services is a reliable alternative means for: Promotion, Disseminating Information, Selling, Public Services to just a place to spill the contents of a gray heart into a web-based diary (blog: web log) due to being left by a lover.

Why Need Web Hosting:

The speed of disseminating information about services, products, public services and others is one of the benchmarks of the success of an individual or company business,

Example One: in Indonesia with around 100 million mobile phone users who can of course connect to the internet via GPRS, there is no reason not to connect to cyberspace, even in remote areas.

Example two: A medical student, with limited funds, to anticipate buying medical lecture books whose prices can reach millions of rupiah, can easily obtain science and technology information through a website, and this is the responsibility of the education provider to provide web site services in order to advance education. Even a lecturer should have a web site.

In short, if you have made a prototype of a design that can be read by an internet browser such as html, then it's time you put that design on the internet by uploading your design to a company that serves hosting sales.

When do you need a Website:

When you want to market a product or service across district, province, country, ocean and continent boundaries, when you want others to get correct information about humanitarian matters, when you want to disseminate knowledge for the welfare of fellow human beings, when you want to conduct business transactions which makes it easy for your customers to reach them from a resort villa with high privacy, that's when you need a web hosting service.

The website is the cheapest channel above the line on the market today, the ability to broadcast 24 hours a week, not limited to demographic, geographical aspects, making it positive in the cost to benefit ratio. If you want to be found, known, appreciated, advertise yourself / your product, then you must have a website.

Where to rent Web Hosting:

Hundreds or even thousands of web hosting service providers, there can be started by searching from Google or Yahoo search engine, some web hosting service providers in Indonesia.

Don't hesitate to ask, compare key features like space capacity and bandwidth capacity, don't be tempted by the promotion of bombastic web hosting service providers.

What technology is used:

One of the technologies used is fail over hosting, this technology allows your service to stay online 24 hours because it is supported by several computer servers that will automatically replace the damaged computer server tasks

How to Manage Web Hosting:

After you have / use a web hosting service, then how to manage it, this is a challenge that is not cheap, because the information must always be added and updated. A simple tip that is, do the preparation in the Off Line position to save. Good luck. (

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