5 Hollywood Movies You Can Learn The Lessons For Always Happy Marriage

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In movies, marriage is usually portrayed as the happy ending of the love journey of the main star couple. Married means the struggle is over and their lives are happy forever. Unfortunately, real life is not that simple because when you get married, it means you start a new phase of life that is certainly not always run smoothly and 'happy' as depicted in romantic films.

This time Hipwee Wedding would like to invite you to explore the moral messages of Hollywood films with the theme of relationships, marriage and family. Not all of the stories end happily, but certainly the lessons you can learn as learning in your future marriage. Learning from experience does not have to wait for you to experience the experience itself right.
1. Last Night. Through this film we learn, in one night, the loyalty of a couple who has been married for years can be easily tested

With the theme of infidelity, this story feels very close to daily life. The male figure, the husband, who seemed to love his wife was seduced by seduction until finally fell into the arms of another woman and spent one night together even though without involving feelings. On the same night, the wife, who seemed to love her husband to meet her old love, secretly still had feelings of love and had struggled in his heart about feelings of love for her husband and old love. Both of them had an affair in a different form, but the point is still still having an affair.

This film teaches the audience that cheating can be done in any form, physical or emotional and does not take long, even one night. Remember, loyalty is tested precisely when we can choose to be unfaithful. If there's no temptation, everyone can be loyal too ~

2.The Break Up. Relationships can be destroyed only because of trivial issues if there is no openness and good communication in a relationship


Watching this film will make you angry because both of them are actually noisy just because of a trivial problem. Initially their relationship went smooth and intimate until one day, the two were involved in a bickering over a trivial matter. Worse, the problem was caused by a lack of communication and openness between the two. The man is insensitive (because often he is not sensitive, yes) while the woman hopes he can read minds and do things without having to be asked.

The dispute could have been avoided if the woman had said frankly what she wanted and hoped for from the man from the beginning. Well, often we hope our partner can understand our hearts. But if the couple apparently does not understand, it's better to talk frankly. Rather than making noise and trivial matters becoming fierce, right?


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